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DEADLINE - Take actions before itís too late

Man has always been dependent on the sea. The sea regulates climate, offers raw materials and food. It is questionable if these resources remain available for future generations. Reasons are exploitation, growing pressure on marine environment and increasing destruction of the marine ecosystem caused by overfishing, by-catch, pollution or growing shipping industry.
The DEADLINE campaign deals with these aspects and provides information and perspectives for contributions to the protection of the marine ecosystem.

Marine protection does not only involve nature conservation, but also considers economic aspects. Reputable economic studies verified that marine resources are valued at approximately 23 trillion US-dollars. The increasing exploitation of resources is therefore an enormous loss which must be considered in the balance sheet of national economy.

Itís high time to convince governments and decision makers of the explosive force linked to this subject.

There is still a chance to change attitudes.
Letís take actions before itís too late.
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