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Areas starved of oxygen
According to UN specialists oxygen-deprived areas, or ''dead zones'' within oceans, will become a menace to marine life. The increased inflow of nutrients (nitrogen compounds and phosphates) from waste water and agricultural run-off leads to an overfertilisation of waters and excess algal growth (eutrophication). These lead to cloudy water, dying organisms and extreme oxygen deprivation.
One hundred and fifty ''dead zones'' in the world’s oceans were known in 2003. In 2006, only three years later, 200 ocean areas showing no life at all were detected. Some of these ''dead zones'' extend over 70.000 km², which is approximately the size of Ireland.
Reduction of nutrient inflow to coastal waters
Establishment of marine protection areas (MPAs)
Inform local authorities if untreated waste water or toxicants are introduced into natural waters.
National laws for waste water treatment support the battle against contamination and pollution of water. Take action!

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